Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation NZ
“Kara” is the Japanese for empty while “te” means hand and “Do” translates as the way, or path. Karate-Do is “The Way of the Empty Hand”.
Why Choose Us?

Why choose our club over others?

1. We train and conduct training in a Japanese style Karate Dojo.

2. We are directly affiliated to Japan and represent SKIF NZ. We teach Karate that is unaltered from it’s correct and pure form in the Japanese way. To be able to achieve this it is necessary that the head of the Organisation is knowledgable in Japanese Karate culture, speaks Japanese and has spent a significant amount of time training and studying Karate in Japan, not only the Physical but also the Spiritual and Technical aspects of Karate so this can then be passed down to the Sensei and Students correctly.

In it's entirety Karate is beneficial to ones complete Humanity and this attitude transcends to everything else outside of the Karate Dojo. Even if you consider yourself old you can still practice Karate well into your eighties at your capable pace if you are healthy. It gives you Physical fitness, Self-Defence, Self belief and confidence , Spiritual connection with oneself and a motivated purpose in life that belongs to you.

3. Goran Glucina Shihan’s pedigree derives from his Master’s, Abe Keigo (Shihan) a renowned and greatly respected Shotokan Karate master.
Then when he joined SKIF Japan, Hirokazu Kanazawa (Soke) a direct student of the great Okinawa Shotokan Karate Teacher and Scholar FUNAKOSHI GICHIN the originator of SHOTOKAN Karate Do.

4. Goran Glucina (Shihan) is the only Shotokan Karate Shihan in Australasia and only one of the elite that has Graduated from the Instructors Course at the SKIF GHQ in Yotsuya, Tokyo , Japan. The credentials at the time were that you had to be Sandan ( Black Belt ) or above to enter and also to be asked and inducted into this full time training. Goran Glucina (Shihan) at that time was personally invited by Kanazawa Hirokazu (Soke) after his team had gone through to first place (Yusho) in Dantai Kata at the All Japan SKIF Tournament.(Dantai consists of a team of three who perform synchronised Kata). The Instructor Course training was a gruelling 30 hours a week from Monday to Saturday weekly and competing in various Tournaments every month and also included self training for a period of four years. Regardless of injuries and sickness it was required to press on and continue without ever giving into self defeat to build mental and physical resilience.

His daily life is Karate Do and he lives, teaches and breathes Karate. He lived in Japan for ten years from 1978-1988. He also is proficient in the Japanese language and Budo culture and strictly adheres and teaches the values of traditional Karate Do and keeps in contact with Japan on various trips there and also Japanese Karate Teachers visiting NZ. He is also a devout Zen Buddhist and studies the philosophy of Zen and incorporates this into his Karate teachings along with the proper way of living associated with healthy eating and correct diet and has a wealth of knowledge on these subjects.

5. He also has strict demands on his Sensei’s to follow, live and practice Japanese Budo Traditional Karate and mannerisms and etiquette . His classes are strict and he demands and aims to draw the very best out of his students. He insists on Values and Traditions, loyalty and dedication to one’s Dojo and Organisation and respect for Instructors and other people regardless of race and culture, development of good character and humility. To develop great spirit, focus and to become strong and indomitable. His philosophy is : “ If you defeat yourself the enemy within then there is no need to defeat the enemy in front of you.” Karate is about Peace and Harmony and standing up for your rights when the need arises in a sensible way.

6. Grow with us on this great journey and learn Japanese Traditional Karate Do. At Ikkyu (Brown Belt) and above depending on your level of ability the door to SKIF World Tournaments and Seminars in Japan will open to you and you will feel and sense a great positivity in life along with learning a new culture. Our pedigree is proven, Join our organisation now and enter into a new Dimension where no matter who you are can become and transform and elevate to to a physical and spiritual level that you thought was not possible. Join and become a part of the SKIF Family with New Zealand’s leading Shotokan Karate Organisation.


Goran Sensei

Goran Sensei

Goran Sensei