Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation NZ
“Kara” is the Japanese for empty while “te” means hand and “Do” translates as the way, or path. Karate-Do is “The Way of the Empty Hand”.

Tracy Goddard Sensei - (Yondan ) 4th Degree, Instructor, SKIF NZ Secretary.

‘I tried my first karate lesson in 1994, and have never looked back. I was graded 1st Dan by Glucina Sensei in 1998 and 2nd Dan by Kanazawa Kancho in Bali at the 7th SKIF World Championship Tournament in 2000. Kancho Kanazawa also graded me 3rd Dan at SKIF NZ headquarters in September 2004. I first began assisting with children's classes at purple belt level and continue to assist in teaching to this day. I was nominated secretary of SKIF NZ around 1995.’

Tracy Goddard is now a (4th Degree), graded by Hirokazu Kanazawa (Soke) in October 2010

Sensei Tracy Goddard