Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation NZ
“Kara” is the Japanese for empty while “te” means hand and “Do” translates as the way, or path. Karate-Do is “The Way of the Empty Hand”.

Goran Glucina (Shihan ) Hachidan, Chief Instructor SKIF NZ , Technical Director.
SKIF NZ was opened in 1989, when Goran Glucina Shihan returned to Auckland, after living in Tokyo for the previous 10 years. As a 4th Dan at the time, he was eager to continue his practice of traditional Shotokan Karate-Do and his long association with SKIF Japan by sharing his expertise through teaching in Auckland.
Upon arrival in Auckland, Glucina Shihan (now 8th Dan) established a dojo affiliated directly to SKIF Japan headquarters. As Chief Instructor and Director of SKIF NZ, he holds the official license from Japan to operate under the SKIF name in NZ and is the only authorized affiliate of SKIF in NZ. As a 8th Dan, Goran Glucina is the highest ranked Japan graded Shotokan Shihan in NZ. He was inducted in the SKIF Tokyo Japan Headquarters instructors course ( Shidoin ) and is only one of very few elite Westerners outside of Japan that successfully graduated . He also studied under the Famous Ryukyu Kobudo Master Motokatsu Inoue for 5 years the study of Okinawan traditional weapons.

He teaches traditional Shotokan Karate and speaks Japanese and understands Japanese Budo culture and Japanese mannerisms. He strictly adheres to discipline and etiquette and follows the traditional values and philosophies of Karate do on a daily basis in his life. “ What we learn in Karate Do should be portrayed in everything in our life, for those who truly understand this meaning, Karate Do is life."

"The greatest enemy in this life is not the one standing in front of you but the one inside of you” Nature and the Universal is the greatest force in this World and we must truly respect it and be humble. There is no room for Egotistical attitude in Karate but always humbleness ,respect and etiquette."
“Try super hard in everything you do, you cannot be successful without been diligent , you cannot achieve just in theory but hard training is necessary on a regular basis. To be strong physically and weak mentally is a failure in itself, if the mind is strong and flexible then the body will listen to it, this is why Mind , Body and Spirit must be balanced.“
Kanazawa Nobuaki Kancho and Goran Glucina Shihan
Goran Glucina Sensei - 8th Dan, Chief Instructor, President SKIF NZ
Goran Glucina Sensei - 8th Dan, Chief Instructor, President SKIF NZ
KANAZAWA HIROKAZU Soke, Ari Anastasiadis Sensei and Goran Glucina Sensei at the Yotsuya SKIF GHQ , Tokyo Japan1983
Goran Glucina Sensei - 8th Dan, Chief Instructor, President SKIF NZ
Goran Glucina Sensei - 8th Dan, Chief Instructor, President SKIF NZ
Goran Glucina Sensei - 8th Dan, Chief Instructor, President SKIF NZ

Birth Place : ( Former Yugoslavia ) Croatia. Europe
Educated Auckland Technical Institute and part time at Auckland University

Achievements in Tournaments in Japan whilst living there :

Shinjuku Ku , Tokyo , Japan 1983 1st Place in Kumite / Gold Medal

Tokiwadaira Tournament in Matsudo Shi , Chiba Ken Tokyo. With Abe Keigo Shihan's team with competitors from Teikyo Daigaku and Nichi Daigaku Awarded certificate for best display of Spirit and effort.

Chiba Ken Taikai, Chiba Prefecture JKA Tournament, Tokyo, (Yusho) 1st place in Kumite.

All Asian Pacific Tournament Nagoya Japan 2nd Place in Kumite. ( living in Japan and part of the NZ Team who came to Nagoya , Japan)

Numerous all Japan JKA Tournaments in Tokyo Japan at the Budokan, ( Trained under Abe Keigo Shihan and Sawada Tadao Kancho ), Best 6th and 8th position yearly (Sandan at that time )

SKIF All Japan Tournament 1st Place in Dantai Kata

SKIF All Japan Tournament 3rd Place Kumite

Goran Glucina Shihan would like to express his deepest gratitude to the following respected Masters and Mentors and personal friends who have been his inspiration and guiding light in his life then and now." Some of them have departed and left a legacy of Karate Do to the rest of the world but their souls and spirits are connected with mine permanently. And the greatest gift in this life for me has been my eternal connection with them."

Kanazawa Hirokazu Soke - SKIF
Ari Anastasiadis Shihan - SKIF
Abe Keigo Shihan - JKA / JSKA
Sawada Tadao Kancho JKA
Araki Yoshio Shihan - JKA
Kasuya Hitoshi Shihan - SKIF / WSKF
Motokatsu Inoue Soke - Ryukyu Kobudo

First place in Dantai Kata in SKIF all Japan national tournament.

First place in Dantai Kata in SKIF all Japan national tournament