Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation NZ
“Kara” is the Japanese for empty while “te” means hand and “Do” translates as the way, or path. Karate-Do is “The Way of the Empty Hand”.

Brendon Wells Sensei - (Sandan) 3rd Degree, Instructor (Christchurch)
Brendan started karate training in 1988 and has been training under Shihan Goran Glucina since he moved to Avondale in 1990. He has competed in several NZ championships and 2 world championships (Tokyo 1994 and Sydney 2012).

Since moving to Christchurch, Brendan has been running a dojo out of Shirley Boys High School. This dojo offers both after-school lessons for teenagers and evening lessons for adults and higher grades.
Sensei Brendan Wells